Policy Summary

The law establishes a licensing scheme for applying for licenses to keep animals and bees within the city. The law allows for a 2 year license, and if in a residential area, requires at least 21 day notice of the application to property owners (but not renters) of property adjoining where the bees/animals would be housed. Also says that input from "neighbors" may be considered in approving/denying the application. Also allows for licenses to be granted for lots that are vacant or unoccupied, with conditions.

Background Information

State Ohio
Jurisdiction Name Cleveland
Jurisdiction Type City,
Population Size 200,000-800,000
Legal Strategies
  • Requires something, sets standards
Reach Community-wide
Food System Category Grow;
Evidence for Health

This policy may correspond to diet-related strategies identified by the County Health Rankings’ What Works for Health tool, including:

For research on the potential effectiveness, please review the category links above.

We understand that this information is not comprehensive. It also does not include other important forms of evidence such as community members’ lived experiences and practice-based evidence.

Policy Details

Refers to priority populations?

Health-related goal?

States that licenses may be denied if there are unsafe or unsanitary conditions (205.04 b (1); and that that compliance with Section 347.02 of the Zoning Code (regarding sanitation and nuisances and operational practices in the keeping of farm animals or bees) is also necessary.

Environmental goal?

Economic goal?

Includes findings?

Has a stated intent or purpose?

Includes definitions?

Addresses implementation?

Contents of license application form, 205.04); process for approves/denial of applications, including collecting providing notice to neighbors of property for which application is sought (205.04 (b)); Board of Control (sets fees--205.04); approval of the site plan by the Department of Building and Housing 205.04(b)(3).

Enforcement provisions?

Violations must be fixed within 7 days of notice; first offense is $50; second offense within 4 months is $75; third offense within 2 year licensing period results in removal of bees/animals. (205.04 (f)).

Evaluation component?

Requires extra investment?

Code context and ordinance history

Part Two, Health Code, Title One: Nuisances and General Provisions, Chapter 205 Animals and Fowl. Legislative history includes Ord. no. 1562-08, adopted on 2-2-09.


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